Why Putin Isn’t Worried About The $50 Billion Yukos Ruling – War Is Coming To Europe

Having $50 billion of assets under potential seizure is enough to make anyone whince. However, despite a quickly worded statement on the Yukos award, Vladimir Putin seems less than anxious to find a resolution. We think we know why, and it’s very concerning.

As The FT reports confirming our earlier comments:

The award is a landmark not just for its size – 20 times the previous record for an arbitration ruling. The tribunal also found definitively that Russia’s pursuit of Yukos and its independently-minded main shareholder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a decade ago was politically motivated.

Though Russia cannot appeal against the award, Moscow said it would pursue all legal avenues for trying to get it “set aside”.

Even if the ruling stands, shareholders face a tortuous battle trying to enforce it. If Moscow refuses to pay, they must pursue Russian sovereign commercial assets in the 150 countries that are party to the so-called 1958 New York Convention on enforcing arbitration awards.

But perhaps this explains why Putin is not coming out swinging, as The FT concludes,

One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

“There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”

Source: The FT

What You’re Not Being Told About Flight MH17

On July 17th, 2014 two major events took place: Malaysian flight MH17 was downed over eastern Ukraine, presumably by a missile, and Israel began a ground invasion of Gaza. Israel’s invasion was granted an almost complete media blackout. The MH17 tragedy, however, got full coverage, and was immediately propagandized. (This in spite of the fact that far more civilians have been killed by Israel’s bombardment of Gaza over the past few weeks.)

NOTE: There is one error in this video which has been mentioned in the video annotations and at the bottom of the page.

Who was REALLY responsible for the downing of flight MH-17? Let’s take a look at the facts.

Malaysian Airlines MH17: Who Stands to Gain?

The Russian military has released military monitoring data which challenge allegations circulating in the media pertaining to the MH 17 crash in the Donetsk Region of Eastern Ukraine on July 17 2014. Questions have been raised about Kiev military jets tracking MH 17, Ukrainian air traffic controllers and the deployment of Buk missile systems. Kiev should also release military data on the circumstances leading to the crash. So should the Pentagon which reportedly has relevant intelligence and satellite data.

Since military data is hardcore information, Kiev and Washington should be persuaded to be transparent and accountable. The UN Secretary-General can play a role in this since there is a specialized agency within the UN, the ICAO, dedicated to international civil aviation. Military data from Moscow, Kiev and Washington should be scrutinized by the independent international panel that is supposed to probe the MH 17 catastrophe.

Such data carries much more weight than videos purportedly revealing the role of the pro-Russian rebels and the Russian government in the crash. One such video showing a Buk system being moved from Ukraine to Russia is a fabrication. The billboard in the background establishes that it was shot in a town — Krasnoarmeisk — that has been under the control of the Ukrainian military since May 11. Similarly, a You Tube video showing a Russian General and Ukrainian rebels discussing their role in mistakenly downing a civilian aircraft was, from various tell-tale signs, produced before the event.

The public should be wary of fabricated “evidence” of this sort, after what we have witnessed in the last so many years. Have we forgotten the monstrous lies and massive distortions that accompanied the reckless allegation that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) which led eventually to the invasion of that country in 2003 and the death of more than a million people? Iraq continues to bleed to this day. What about the Gulf of Tonkin episode of 1964 which again was a fabrication that paved the way for wanton US aggression against Vietnam that resulted in the death of more than 3 million Vietnamese? The “babies in incubators” incident in Kuwait in 1990 was yet another manufactured lie that aroused the anger of the people and served to justify the US assault on Iraq. Just last year we saw how an attempt was made by some parties to pin the blame for a sarin gas attack in Ghouta, Syria upon the Assad government when subsequent investigations have revealed that it was the work of some militant rebel group.

From Tonkin to Ghouta there is a discernible pattern when it comes to the fabrication of evidence to justify some nefarious agenda or other. As soon as the event occurs before any proper investigation has begun, blame is apportioned upon the targeted party. This is done wilfully to divert attention from the real culprit whose act of evil remains concealed and camouflaged. The colluding media then begins to spin the “correct” version with the help of its reporters and columnists who concoct “fact” out of fiction. Any other explanation or interpretation of the event is discredited and dismissed derisively to ensure that the “credibility” of the dominant narrative remains intact. As the narrative unfolds, the target often embodied in a certain personality is demonized to such a degree that he arouses the ire of the public and becomes an object of venom.

The pattern described here is typical of what is known as a “false flag” operation in which blame for some dastardly deed is consciously transferred to one’s adversary. It has happened right through history and many contemporary nation-states — and not just the United States — are guilty of flying false flags.

To protect ourselves from being deceived by such operations, the general public should always ask: who stands to gain from a particular episode? Cui Bono is in fact an important principle in the investigation of a crime. In the case of the MH 17 carnage, the pro-Russian rebels do not benefit in any way from downing a civilian airliner. Their goal is independence from the Kiev government which is why they are fighting Kiev through sometimes violent means including shooting down its military planes. Massacring 298 passengers in a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur does not serve their cause. Moscow which backs the rebels to an extent also gains nothing from involving itself in such a diabolical carnage.

10 days after the carnage, it is now clear who is trying to reap benefits from that terrible tragedy in the skies. The demonization of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, orchestrated from various Western capitals, including Kiev, after Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation, thus thwarting one of the primary strategic goals of NATO’s eastward expansion, has now reached its pinnacle. After MH 17, it has become a lot easier to convince people— even without an iota of evidence — that Putin is a “mass murderer”. The tarnishing of Putin’s image is crucial for those in the West who want to curb Russia’s political re-assertion so that the US and its allies can perpetuate their global dominance without hindrance.

MH 17 has helped the elite in Washington in yet another sense. It has strengthened its push for tougher sanctions against Russia which began after the Crimea vote. Given their extensive economic ties with Russia, many European countries such as Germany, France, Netherlands and Italy have been somewhat lukewarm about widening and deepening sanctions. But will that change now? Will an outraged European public, incensed by the MH 17 massacre, demand that their governments punish Moscow?

It is obvious that those who seek to punish Russia and the pro-Russian rebels, namely, the elite in Washington and Kiev, are poised to gain the most from the MH 17 episode. Does it imply that they would have had a role in the episode itself? Only a truly independent and impartial international inquiry would be able to provide the answer.

In this regard, we must admit that while elites in Kiev and Washington may stand to gain from MH 17, those who actually pulled the trigger may be some other group or individual with links to the powerful in the two capitals. It is quite conceivable that a certain well-heeled individual equipped with the appropriate military apparatus and with access to air-control authorities in the region may have executed the act of evil itself.

Because of who he is, and where his loyalties lie, that individual may have also decided to target Malaysia. Was he giving vent to his anger over our principled stand on the question of justice for the Palestinians? Was he also attempting to divert public attention from Israel’s ground offensive against Gaza which time-wise coincided with the downing of the Malaysian airliner?

As we explore MH 17 from this angle, would we be able to connect the dots between MH 17 and MH 370, between July 17 and March 8, 2014?

We should not rest till the whole truth is known and the evil behind these two colossal catastrophes punished severely.

We owe this to every soul who perished on those fateful flights.

This article is dedicated to the cherished memory of all those on MH 17 — especially the 80 children who were on board.

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is a prominent Malaysian scholar and author, President of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST).


America Descends Into Abyss As World War Nears

In 1945, the nearly century long propagandist reign of the Associated Press (AP) that had single handedly manipulated the American public into 38 wars in 99 years came to end when the US Supreme Court ruled that their monopolistic business model was unconstitutional.

In 1846 news had become a salable commodity and five daily newspapers in New York City joined to share the cost of transmitting news of the Mexican-American War by boat, horse express and telegraph.

By 1945, AP had become the largest multinational nonprofit news agency in the world (owned by its member newspaper and radio outlets) and prohibited member newspapers from selling or providing news (whether that news was supplied by the AP, or was authored by the member newspaper – called“spontaneous” news) to nonmember organizations as well as making it very difficult for nonmember newspapers to join the them.

By 1965, the benefits to the American people of having been freed from AP’s propaganda led to them to knowing the truth about the Korean War, the Vietnam War, racial segregation, the military-industrial-congressional complex, CIA abuses, governmental abuses against citizens, high level government corruption, so many critical issues in fact that by 1980 these people were, by far, the most informed society the world has ever seen.

Then they elected Ronald Reagan and by 1983, just 50 companies owned 90 percent of the media consumed by Americans, and by 2012, just six companies controlled that 90 percent, according to testimony before the US House Judiciary Committee examining Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal last year.

In the 25 years (1945-1980) between when the US Supreme Court in effect destroyed AP, and when Reagan was elected and began to restore them, it is no coincidence that the US was only involved in two wars…Korea and Vietnam…and although both of these wars were costly (both in lives and money), the American people were able to stop them because they were told the truth.

In the 34 years (1980-2014) since Reagan was elected and the AP was restored, and their owner-members began their massive news/information consolidation, the United States has been involved in 11 wars.

All of these wars, mind you, don’t even include the covert wars kept from the American people that were fought by the CIA, and which according to the highest ranking CIA official ever to go public, John Stockwell, had cost the lives of over 6 million people by 1987.

But of the known wars caused by US over the past 168 years (1846-2014) these facts we do know: When the news is controlled by a small group there are wars.  On the other hand, when the American people are allowed to know the truth, these wars are stopped, or more importantly not even begun.

The latest example of the American people stopping a war when they know the truth was last year when the US attempted to start World War III by invading Syria.  The “official” Obama regime story spread by the AP and its members in support of war was that Syria had attacked their own citizens with poisonous gas causing hundreds to die.

These Obama regime lies were quickly exposed not only by us, but by many other independent news sources, most importantly the highly esteemed Pulitzer Prize winning American writer Seymour Hersh, who just prior to this planned war wrote:

“British intelligence had obtained a sample of the sarin used in the 21 August attack and analysis demonstrated that the gas used didn’t match the batches known to exist in the Syrian army’s chemical weapons arsenal. The message that the case against Syria wouldn’t hold up was quickly relayed to the US joint chiefs of staff. The British report heightened doubts inside the Pentagon; the joint chiefs were already preparing to warn Obama that his plans for a far-reaching bomb and missile attack on Syria’s infrastructure could lead to a wider war in the Middle East.”

Even though not one single mainstream American or British media outlet reported Seymour Hersh’s critically important article telling the truth about what happened, we did…and with enough of you passing these truths along, pretty soon a critical mass of people began to know the truth and this war was stopped.

Now they are at again…and the stakes are even higher!

The Obama regimes “story” this time is that Russia is responsible for the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine.  Of course, and just like Syria, there is no proof or evidence being offered, in fact, even though Russia has turned over enough intelligence to prove that the Ukrainian government (along with the CIA) was responsible…not one single mainstream US or British news outlet will report on it.

Now at this point, and as we’ve educated you all as much as possible over the past decade, it’s important to remember what this planned war the Obama regime and its allies want…and most simply put…the total destruction of Russia.

As to why these Western forces want to destroy Russia, it’s most simplistic explanation is that with Moscow rapidly moving away from the US Dollar, if it should succeed the entire fantasy known as the Western global economic system would collapse.

To how soon this war will start can be seen in the propaganda flowing from the Obama regime and its supporters…they want it NOW!


Turkey To Send Another Freedom Flotilla To Gaza – With Armed Troops This Time

The Mavi Marmara

The Turkish humanitarian relief organisation (IHH) is currently organising a “Freedom Flotilla II” which will carry humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip, IHH chairman Bulent Yildrim said Thursday.

In statements to Gulf Online, Yildrim said that his organisation has embarked on legal procedures and paperwork required to obtain a permit for the trip. As soon as a final permit is issued, the IHH along with other international organisations will immediately set up the convoy.

The chairman of IHH, a major organiser of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla I, said that Turkish army troops will accompany the ships to protect it from any potential attack, pointing out that his organisation demanded the government to provide protection for them as Turkish citizens.

Maze Keheil, the president of the European Campaign for Lifting the Siege on Gaza, confirmed his campaign’s intention to take part in the new flotilla, as it did in first one in 2010.

Ukraine starts excavating 450-km trench on Transdniestria’s border with Moldova

Ukraine has started excavating a 450-kilometre trench in Transdniestria near the border neighbouring Moldova, an official of Ukraine’s Border Guard Service Vladimir Kachanovetsky said on Saturday.

“The trench is being excavated around-the-clock for preventing the movement of heavy hardware, as well as of contraband cargoes, he said.

In March 2014 Transdniestria accused Ukraine of isolating the self-proclaimed republic. Ukraine considers such accusations groundless.


The Illustrated Protocols of Zion by David Duke

A PhD, Dr. David Duke served in the House of Representatives-LA (1989-1993) and has lectured in over 200 universities around the world.

This is a video preview of Dr. David Duke’s new book, The Illustrated Protocols of Zion is an historical and literary valuation of the original Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

He presents the case that Protocols of Zion could well be titled the Protocols of “Zionism” in that it predicts many of the horrific wars and conflicts right down to the issues in the Israel or “Zion” of today and associated with Zionist power and influence that goes far beyond the borders of Israel.

In this video and and his book upon which it is based, he shows that many of the most radical claims of the Protocols are today proclaimed by Zionists themselves around the world. such as domination of media, banking, and extensive power and influence in America, the EU and in many governments around the world.

He quotes leading and influential Zionists and Zionist media in showing that many of the most important underlying themes can be be documented in historical and contemporary terms.

Dr. Duke points out its true history. He argues that the Protocols is obviously not the secret meeting of earlocked “Elders of Zion” anymore than 1984 is a true account of Big Brother or Oceania.

He examines it as dystopian literature that is amazingly prescient and predictive since its publishing well over a century ago.

This video and the powerful underlying book The Illustrated Protocols of Zion are essential materials to understanding the Zionist issue from all perspectives.

A Phd in History, Dr. Duke shows how vital assertions of the Protocols can be historically and contemporaneously documented and that many of the most shocking claims of the Protocols can be found in even more extreme expression by modern Zionism.

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