10 Global Predictions For 2014 That Will Blow Your Mind

Prediction #1: ‘The Economy’

Economies around the globe are going to continue edging towards the Abyss with unemployment figures here and there guaranteed to set new records. Think record breaking statistics like this “102 million working age Americans do not have a job“.

Prediction #2 ‘Society’

Protests and social unrest will continue to make headlines but fail to breakthrough with any real change. The activists will come up with new gags and stand proud in spite of it all (think Occupy Wallstreet).

Prediction #3: ‘Media

Media will up the ante on their scandal stories that make no difference to the general population but definitely keep them busy for days, weeks and sometimes months on end (think A-list celebrities who cheat, dress bad or make a mockery of themselves with ludicrous statements).

Prediction #4: ‘Politics’

Western politicians will repeatedly be caught up in absurd scandals (think Obama and Cameron’s selfie with Danish PM at Mandela’s funeral) while others trump the geopolitical landscape (think Russia’s Vladimir Putin stepping in to help avoid WWIII over Syria).

Prediction #5: ‘Technology’

Gadgets will break new limits with more privacy invading mechanisms and features (think the new iPhone with finger print scan) while more websites without real business models will continue to attracts monster sums from investors (think Twitter and Facebook IPO or Pinterest’s 3.8 billion USD valuation). The masses will continue to cheer it all on.

Prediction #6: ‘Mobile’

The world will continue to go more and more mobile with all sorts of new websites, apps and startups coming into the scene. Generation Y will take it up with obsession. Oblivious to any side effects (think this).

Prediction #7: ‘Inventions’

As the rich get richer, big business gets bigger and the planet’s population continues to increase, more ludicrous inventions will get proposed and make the rounds (think fake eggsfake meat…). The media will hype it up and herald it as the solution to all problems and fail to mention any ethical, moral or health considerations.

Prediction #8: ‘Surveillance’

If 2013 proved anything, it was that surveillance is more omnipresent than most people had ever dared imagine. As the world continues to get more complex, international politics continues to get more provocative and wealth inequality continues to explode, surveillance will be sure to outdo itself (think drones, think web, think communication).

Prediction #9: ‘Apocalypse’

While there may not be a ‘Bible-style Armageddon’ coming for planet Earth with flying angels, a variety of apocalypse-like scenarios may well be in stock for 2014. (think Fukushima, think typhoons, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, social unrest and war).

Prediction #10: ‘Hope’

For all those desperate to label the above as ‘doom-saying’, here’s the upside, 2014 will bring hope. Whether it be a new political leader taking a stance and leading a nation or continent out of this mess, a generation or group of people that will convince hundreds of millions to take a definite stance against the system or a new religion that will bring humanity back onto its track, hope will be in store, perhaps 2014 is that year.


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