Russia Disseminates “September War” Battle Plan As 90,000 Ukrainian Troops Set To Invade

Russia Disseminates “September War” Battle Plan As 90,000 Ukrainian Troops Set To Invade

A truly apocalyptic Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that strategic battle plans have now been disseminated to all military and special forces commands in response to the expected mass invasion by US-led Ukrainian troops of separatist held region Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Autonomous Republic of Crimea ahead of what is expected to be an “Armageddon-like blow” to Western financial capitols on 23 September.

Dubbed the “September War” by Federation defense planners, this report notes that on 23 September, Ukraine is due to pay a massive $500 million bond payment it is not able to do… which would then cause their default on a $3 billion bond payment to Russia meaning it would have to be paid immediately too.

Rather than risking the collapse of their already falling apart global economic system due to Ukraine falling into default, this report explains, Western capitols, led by the Obama regime, are “factoring” into this already fraught with danger situation a war with Russia as an “outlet” to divert their population’s attention away from the devastation of their own economies.

Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev warned the West against this war earlier today by stating, “Both Ukraine and the forces currently governing the country from the outside should realize that the resumption of hostilities leads to further decline in the Ukrainian economy, a greater number of hostilities, destruction of infrastructure and affects negatively the regional and international situation.”, but further noted that pro-Kiev armed units in eastern Ukraine now total 90,000 men and officers, 450 tanks, 203 salvo artillery units, and five Tochka-U missile complexes.

The Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Eduard Basurinearlier, yesterday grimly noted the “master plan” to be used by Ukraine in launching their “September War” by stating:

Information has been received about the plan of forthcoming actions by the Ukrainian army from a source in the Ukrainian General Staff and, no matter how strange this may seem, there are still true officers there who do not want to fight against their own people. 

Kiev plans to deliver two converging blows in the direction of the settlement of Uspenka to defeat the DPR and advance to the border with Russia and subsequently prevent civilians from reaching the Russian territory.  Along with this, two groupings [of Kiev’s forces] are intended to launch an offensive in the Donetsk direction north and south of Donetsk towards Ilovaisk, close the circle around the republic’s capital and encircle the city. 

Further on, active offensive operations will be launched in the Luhansk direction with the aim to advance to the border with Russia.”

As these 90,000 US-led Ukraine forces are preparing to usher in World War III to protect Western “bankstersagainst 40,000 separatist fighters, this MoD report continues, NATO “comically” warned the DPR against grabbing anymore land, while at the same time, “equally as comical”, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter warned the Pentagon that Russia is now an “existential threat” to America.

As to how Russia could possibly be an “existential threat” to the United States, this report notes, is never explained by the Obama regime whose military spending is a staggering nearly $600 billion a year (compared to Russia spending $70-80 billion)…and as President Putin warned this past June: “Publish a map and mark all the US bases on it. You will see the difference between the US and Russia.”

Even the highly respected American press organization CounterPunch has noticed the sheer insanity of the Obama regime wanting war with Russia, this report says, and who in their article today titled Deadly Cheering for War in Ukraine by Western Press stated:

The editors of the [Washington] Post are pulling off a ruse. Kyiv has not abided by a single clause of Minsk-2, and the regime’s foreign backers, including in the editorial offices of the nearly all of Western media, keep a careful silence on the subject. So let’s pause for a moment to reflect.

The Washington Post (and some other mainstream media) publishes articles and photo stories by journalists in and around Kyiv-controlled eastern Ukraine.

But the Post‘s journalists can’t seem to provide examples of how “Russia’s forces continue to shell and rocket Ukrainian positions on a daily basis”.

Surely, if the situation is that severe, there must be no shortage of visual examples to provide to readers? And surely the U.S. government can provide satellite images to mainstream media of the “9,000 Russian soldiers” in eastern Ukraine as well as other examples of Russian intervention? Unless… it’s all, or mostly, make believe.

On the rebel side of eastern Ukraine, there is no shortage of examples of grim, daily shelling by Ukrainian armed forces, which are backed by NATO. Alas, and not by accident, such reports never, ever grace the pages of the Western media.”

And as the “grim daily shelling” of civilians by US-led Ukrainian forces continues in Western media silence, this report further states, it goes without its irony that the American right-wing hawk Henry Kissinger and left-wing British Labour Leader socialist Jeremy Corbyn have now united together warning the West of their insanity in launching this “September War”… and which Kissinger actually stated what it was really about, “Breaking Russia has become the objective for US”.

Though not stated in this MoD report, it is worth noting that even the left-leaning American political website Vox Media is now warning of this “September War” too, and as they chillingly stated in their article titled How World War III Became Possible:

Europe today looks disturbingly similar to the Europe of just over 100 years ago, on the eve of World War I. It is a tangle of military commitments and defense pledges, some of them unclear and thus easier to trigger. Its leaders have given vague signals for what would and would not lead to war. Its political tensions have become military buildups. Its nations are teetering on an unstable balance of power, barely held together by a Cold War–era alliance that no longer quite applies.”

To if the American and European people themselves will be able to awaken before this war starts there remains no evidence as the vast majority of these peoples still remain asleep in their slumber of propaganda filled celebrity trivia news…but from they will, undoubtedly, soon be shaken from by the noise right outside their very windows.

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Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces

Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has signed a “September War” order authorizing atomic weapon first strikes on NATO forces as fears grow within the Kremlin that the Obama regime is about to unleash a massive attack in Ukraine against both separate forces and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

President Putin signed this grave war order in Crimea early today during his security meeting with top Federation military leaders, this report says, and publically noted the Kremlins concerns by stating:

It is evident that the threat on the part of external forces to destabilize in this or that way the situation on the peninsula remains: either to play a nationalistic card or, using these or those mistakes, blunders, inefficient actions of the authorities, to direct the citizens’ just concern to a destructive alley. Some capital cities speak openly on this subject, speaking of the necessity to conduct subversive activities; relevant structures are being formed, personnel for acts of sabotage, radical propaganda is recruited and trained.”

Upon President Putin’s signing of this war order, this report says, over 9,000 troops and 3,000 combat vehicles of the Federations Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system batteries began their immediate 800 kilometers (497 miles) redeployment to the Astrakhan Oblast where they will begin operating within the Southern Military District.

Raising the Kremlins fears of war even more, this report continues, is the 65,000-strong army Ukraine has amassed on the front lines near Donetsk which MoD experts warn will attack simultaneously with planned Western terror attacks in Crimea in a “misguided attempt” to force the Federation to defend only the latter, instead of the former.

As preparatory artillery barrages from US-led Ukrainian forces have already struck fear within the European Union (EU) of this coming wars outbreak, this report notes, crisis talks between Germany and France are now being scheduled, which President Putin will not attend, though he may attend a later one.

Federation preparations, however, this report states, are “much more severe” as at least 50,000 highly trained troops are prepared to immediately intervene in Ukraine once war starts, and the massive buildup of the 20th Army along the Western front continues at an accelerated pace.

This MoD report further notes that President Putin’s order extends to 15 October the massive air defense drills now ongoing in Ashuluk, which is about 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the Federation’s border with eastern Ukraine should they be needed to fight in this war too.

And with tens-of-thousands of Western troops pouring into Spain for Exercise Trident Juncture 2015, which NATO calls the “most ambitious” in its “modern history, MoD experts in this report say, the expected last week of September beginning of this unprecedented war provocation is what will “trigger” the beginning of war in Ukraine.

With outgoing US Army chief of staff, General Ray Odierno, stating this past week that Russia is the top military threat to the United States, this report says, it is curious as to why this would be so as America already spends more for militarism and war making than all other countries in the world combined.

As the US has conducted a number of secret military drills over the summer, the results of which left American defense officials and military forces worried that their county is not prepared for a sustained war against Russia, MoD analysts in this report further note, the Obama regime is set to begin it anyway as they gear up for the onrushing economic apocalypse facing them next month.

And to how catastrophic this September economic apocalypse is going to be, the American dissident website has, also, warned this week that outright panic” has now overtaken those who know what is coming.

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Russia Threatens Sweden With Military Force

A Russian official warned today that military action will be taken, should Sweden decide to join NATO.

Russian ambassador, Viktor Tartarintsec, said in an interview that there will be “counter measures” and that “Russia will have to resort to a response of the military kind” while re-orientating their “troops and missiles”, should Sweden become an official member of NATO. He added that any “country that joins NATO, needs to be aware of the risks it is exposing itself to”.

“Russia is often described as an attacker who only thinks of conducting wars and threatening others,” he told DN, “I can guarantee that Sweden, which is an alliance-free nation, is not [currently] part of any military plans by Russian authorities. Sweden is not a target for our armed troops.”

In the interview, the ambassador implied that while Sweden may not currently be considered a “target” by Russia, this could change should they join the NATO alliance. One in three Swedes support joining NATO, according to a poll conducted last month. This is an increase from a 2012 poll indicating that only 17% of those in Sweden favored becoming a NATO member.

The increase is likely due to Russia’s renewed aggression that is currently taking place in Europe, which began with the annexation of Crimea last year, and the violence that continues to take place in Eastern Ukraine today. Russia however, blames the increase on “aggressive propaganda” being spread by Swedish media. Russia also denies any contribution to the Ukrainian crisis, and says that NATO is the aggressor, despite this threat being made against Sweden.

Though not an official member of NATO, Sweden is currently considered a close NATO partner. While not capable of triggering the “an attack on one is an attack on all” clause of the NATO charter, Sweden does take part in many military drills along side the alliance, some of which are currently taking place in Poland just miles away from Russian territory.


First Ever Russian-Egyptian Naval Drills to Be Held in Mediterranean

The first Russian-Egyptian naval exercises will be held in the Mediterranean Sea from June 6 to June 14, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service said Saturday.

The drills are aimed at strengthening military cooperation between the two countries’ navies to promote security and stability at sea, according to the statement.

“Russian-Egyptian naval exercises ‘Friendship Bridge 2015’ will be held in the designated area of the Mediterranean Sea from June 6 to June 14, 2015.”

As part of the exercises, Russian and Egyptian warships, working with air support, are expected to protect shipping lanes from various threats and conduct live fire tactical training.

In May, Russian-Chinese first ever naval drills were also held in the Mediterranean. The crews involved completed a wide range of tasks – from maneuvering to anti-submarine and radio-electronic warfare. The active phase of the Naval Cooperation 2015 joint exercises between the Russian and Chinese Navies ended on May 21.


US Deploys B-52 Nuclear Bombers to Baltic Sea War Games

US Deploys B-52 Nuclear Bombers to Baltic Sea War Games

The United States has deployed three B-52 nuclear bombers to take part in military exercises with NATO partners in the Baltic region amid heightened tensions with Russia.

“The deployment demonstrates the United States’ ability to project its flexible, long-range global strike capability,” the US Strategic Command said in a statement on Friday.

Scores of ships and aircraft from 17 countries are participating in Baltic Sea naval drills as part of exercise BALTOPS, which began on Friday and will run through June 20.

Overall, 5,600 troops, 49 ships, 61 aircraft and a submarine will be involved in the US-led military exercises.

The war game comes as Washington seeks to reassure European allies amid heightened tensions with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia views the drills as an indication of NATO’s encroachment on its borders and has organized a series of large-scale military exercises over the past months in the Baltic, Black Sea and Arctic region to show its military prowess.

The Obama administration is considering new “deterrence strategies” to prevent Russia from meddling in Europe.

The approach involves boosting militaries of allies and potential partners, expanding the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and increased training exercises, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The measures stem from a recognition that sanctions alone have failed to make Russian President Vladimir Putin reverse course.

“It’s clear the sanctions are working on the Russian economy, but what is not apparent is that that effect on his economy is deterring Putin from following the course that was evidenced in Crimea last year,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Friday in Germany.

US President Barack Obama meets with leaders of European allies this weekend in Germany, where he is expected to push for a tougher stance against Moscow.


Putin Orders “Full Military Force” To Break Blockade As Western Leaders Gather At “Hitler’s Castle”

A truly grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin today has authorized “full military force” to be used in the breaking of the illegal blockade imposed on the Federation protected state of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) by Ukraine.

The PMR, more commonly known to the West as Transnistria, is a Federation protected “republic” located mostly on a strip of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine. Since its declaration of independence from Moldova in 1990, and especially after the War of Transnistriain 1992, the PMR has been supported by the Federation and is protected by a 1,500 member Russian military peace keeping contingent.

On 21 May, this report warns, the Obama regime backed Ukrainian parliament voted to suspend all military cooperation with the Federation effectively terminated the 1998 agreement on the transit of Russian military units to the PMR through the territory of Ukraine, while simultaneously, Moldova tightened the rules of transit for Russian military personnel traveling via Chisinau airport.

Though small, this report continues, the 1,500 member Russian peacekeeping contingent in the PMR is a potent deterrent guaranteeing the security of the republic, because any outside attack on it will be interpreted as an attack on Russia itself.

And in response to this blatant Western aggression against both the Federation and the PMR, this report says, Senior MoD spokesman Yuri Yakubov further warned that the “Russian contingent will be supplied under any circumstances” and stated that the MoD was left “with no other option than to supply these now trapped Russian forces with all the necessities by air bridge with military-transport aircraft.”

To the greatest danger in establishing this “air bridge” to supply these now trapped Russian soldiers in the PMR, this report explains, will be that the Federation military-transport aircraft flying to supply them will have to overfly the Odessa Oblast region of Ukraine.

With Ukrainian President Poroshenko telling his parliament yesterday that their nation was preparing for a “full-scale invasion” from Russia, MoD experts in this warn, these Federation aircraft flying to the PMR will become an “inviting target” to be shot down with the West claiming they were attempting to invade the Odessa Oblast to establish a land bridge from the rebel controlled areas of Ukraine to Crimea.

And in what can only be described as a “grim comical farce”, this report warns, immediately after Ukraine imposed their blockade upon the PMR, President Poroshenko made the former Georgian strongman Mikheil Saakashvili a Ukrainian citizen and then appointed him as the new governor of the strategic Odessa Oblast region.

Saakashvili, this report states, aside from his outlandish US television appearance where he tried to eat his own tie, is currently an internationally wanted criminal for crimes he committed against the people of the Republic of Georgia, and who, on 7 August 2008, invaded the Federation protected nation of South Ossetia.  Russian forces, on 8 August 2008, in what is now called the Russo-Georgian War, counterattacked Saakashvili’s forces completely destroying them.

As to why the Obama regime backed Ukrainian government would even allow such a blatant international criminal and warmonger such as Saakashvili to be granted citizenship, and even worse made governor of the critically important Odessa Oblast, this report continues, became evident this week when PMR foreign minister Nina Shtanski urgently appealed to President Putin for help and stated:

It’s clear to everyone what is on the Transnistrian border: they are building tent camps, deploying soldiers. Imagine what panic this is causing among Transnistrians and especially people who live on the border with Ukraine.  On the border with Ukraine they are digging a trench, as a symbol of the separation of the neighboring people, armed Ukrainian border guards have been deployed to checkpoints, Odessa is flooded with people in uniform, and the deployment of S-300 [air defense] batteries also has caused alarm.”

Also to be noted, this report says, journalist Aleksandr Chalenko writing in the Russian newspaper Izvestia has further reported that, “The events of the last few months suggest that the governments of Ukraine and Moldova with, of course, support from the United States, are preparing something bad for Transnistria and Novorossiya.  In addition, there is information that in Kishinev several weeks ago about 300 Americans reportedly arrived, deploying to a television broadcasting center. The pieces are coming together in an alarming way…..

The head of the Russian Institute for Strategic Research, Leonid Reshetnikov, also wrote, this report says, “We need to defend Transnistria. There are Russian people in Transnistria, but I call all of them Russian — no matter if by origin they are Moldovans, Ukrainians, Bulgarians or Russians. With a struggle, with blood they won their independence. And we need to take decisive steps. First, to recognize the independence of Transnistria; second, to sign an agreement on mutual aid and cooperation in case of attack on Transnistria. There is no other option.”

Meanwhile, as if on cue, the Eurasianet News Service reports, the NATO Partnership and Cooperative Security Committee made what an alliance official called a “historic and unique visit” to Kishinev, where US military are stationed, on 2-3 June. “We are here to demonstrate our commitment to Moldova and to our partnership. This is a historic and unique visit. We came here because circumstances are unique,” said James Appathurai, NATO deputy assistant secretary general for political affairs. “In today’s geopolitical circumstances, with an assertive Russia exerting pressure on countries in the region, only cooperation makes us stronger and only together we can address security challenges.”

To the NATO claim that the Federation is “exerting pressure” on any nation this report states is ludicrous, especially in light of the “undeniable facts” showing that it is, in fact, the Obama regime and its Western allies that are intent upon waging global war, and as evidence by the numerous countries they’ve destroyed in the past decade.

And in what is, perhaps, a fitting setting for these warmonger Western leaders as our world stands, once again, on the verge of total war, this report concludes, this Sunday, 7 June, they will all meet together to further plan their conquests at one of Adolph Hitler’s favorite estates called Elmau Castle in the Bavarian Alps, Germany, surrounded by 17,000 police and military forces to protect them from their own citizens as befits such totalitarian monsters such as these.

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Putin Signs New “War Dead” Order After Obama Shatters Russian Treaties

Putin Signs New “War Dead” Order After Obama Shatters Russian Treaties

While the unprecedented global preparations for war are continuing unabated, a grim new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today shows that these preparations are, indeed, necessary as a massive conflict between the Federation and Obama regime forces may now be “unstoppable” after President Obama this past week destroyed two of the last remaining treaties existing between Russia and the US designed to ensure peace.

According to this report, due to President Obama’s canceling of a state of national emergency Tuesday, revoking an executive order that provided for payments for Russian uranium under the “Megatons to Megawatts” program, and his ordering yesterday that NATO break its 1997 treaty signed with Russia prohibiting the establishing of permanent Western forces in Latvia as the US and EU pile in more troops to the Baltic States, President Putin was “forced” to take extraordinary additional war preparations by: 1.) Signing an order re-designating Federation war dead. and 2.) Ordering the immediate deployment toKaliningrad of nuclear missiles and anti-ballistic systems.

The specific war dead order President Putin signed this morning, this report explains, amended the list of state secrets [approved under a presidential decree of 30 November 1995] modifying the phrase “information disclosing losses in manpower in wartime” to be complemented with an amendment reading “in peacetime during special operations” so that Federation forces, if needed, can be used “preemptively” against Obama regime forces planning to attack Russia without a formal declaration of war.

Additionally, this report continues, President Putin has further ordered the immediate deployment to the Kaliningrad Oblast [the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea] of both the Iskander-M nuclear missile complexes and the much feared S-500 cruise missile ground-to-air defense system from which they can strike, with “atomic force”, every NATO base on the continent, and UK, within 30 minutes.

Even though NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called President Putin’s deployment of these nuclear missiles to Kaliningrad “unjustified, destabilizing and dangerous”, and both he and President Obama on Tuesday characterized the Federations relationship with the West as being in an “increasingly aggressive posture”, this report critically notes, neither of them to date, or any other Western leader, has as yet to reply to the 2011 leaked US State Department cables showing their intention of starting a war with Russia.

Nearly immediately after his taking office, MoD experts in this report state, these secret US cables leaked to Wikileaks prove that President Obama and his regime began their plan for total war against the Federation, including the use of nine NATO divisions comprised of US, British, German, and Polish military forces to directly invade Russia, in 2010.

One of these cables is signed by the very head of the US State Department, Hillary Clinton, dated 26 January 2010, to the American diplomats at NATO where she emphasizes that the plan for war against Russia has to be kept in strict secrecy, “The United States believes strongly that this plan should not be discussed in public.”

Clinton further states that the plans for war with Russia are classified at “the top secret level of NATO” and “public discussion of contingency plans would undermine their military value.”

Clinton further adds, “Allowing them to expose NATO’s plans, this weakens all of our allies”, and she directed American diplomats to lie to the press in case of leaks. She also suggested evasive answers such as: “NATO does not discuss specific plans” and that agents are instructed to say that “the plans of NATO are not directed at any country.”

To the “coincidence” of the Obama regime planning a war against Russia in 2010 through the Baltic Region as these leaked cables clearly indicate, this report notes, to President Obama and NATO this week breaking their 1997 treaty with the Federation forbidding the stationing of Western troops in the Baltic Region, there exists none as no doubt these “madmen” really want to start World War III.

Even worse, this report shocking notes, with President Obama now being the most powerful US leader in that nations entire history who is governing his country under 32 pending states of national emergency after tearing up the one relating to Russian uranium this week, he now, in fact, has more power and military force available to him then did Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler.

And with President Obama’s Vice President, Joseph Biden, proclaiming to the entire planet this week that the Obama regime won’t accept the idea of global ‘spheres of influence’ other than theirs, this report concludes, it remains left to President Putin to secure the future freedom of the Christian world against these “Satanists” who are intent on not only destroying America with their moral depravity, spiritual/religious destruction, and police state daily existence for all of their citizens…but every other country they can in their insane bid for total dominance so that they can continue to enrich themselves.

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