China Joins Russia, Orders Military To Prepare For World War III

A grim Ministry of Defense bulletin issued to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev today states that President Hu has “agreed in principal” that the only way to stop the West’s aggression led by the United States is through “direct and immediate military action” and that the Chinese leader has ordered his Naval Forces to “prepare for warfare.”

Hu’s call for war joins Chinese Rear Admiral and prominent military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong who, likewise, warned this past week that “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War,” and Russian General Nikolai Makarov who grimly stated last week, “I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.”

The raising of global tensions between the East and West was exploded this past fortnight when Russian Ambassador Vladimir Titorenko and two of his aides retuning from Syria were brutally assaulted and put in hospital by Qatar security forces aided by CIA and British MI6 agents attempting to gain access to diplomatic pouches containing information from Syrian intelligence that the United States was flooding Syria and Iran with the same US-backed al Qaida mercenaries who toppled the Libyan government.

Further evidence in these diplomatic pouches, this bulletin says, reveals that the United States is preparing an “ultimate solution” to the Middle East Crisis should nuclear war break out by attacking Syria and Iran with lethal biological agents intended to kill tens of millions of innocent civilians.

The discovery of the biological agent to be used by the West was revealed a fortnight ago by Dutch virologist Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands who lead a team of scientists that discovered that a mere five mutations to the avian flu virus was sufficient to make it spread far more easily and would make it the most lethal killer of mankind ever invented.

Should the US begin an attack utilizing this deadly virus, this bulletin continues, its most likely method of delivery would be via its RQ-170 Sentinel Drone which is operated by the CIA.

These frightening assessments of future US actions against its enemies were revealed in this bulletin based upon Russian intelligence analysts examination of the RQ-170 Sentinel Drone brought down over Iranian territory last week by the Russian made Avtobaza ground-based electronic intelligence and jamming system used against this unmanned aerial vehicle with little damage and that showed it be equipped with a sophisticated aerosol delivery system.

Important to note is that the Western powers first use of a deadly flu virus to destroy their enemies and overthrow the established global order was first used less than a century ago in 1918 when the Spanish Flu variant was unleashed at the ending of World War I and killed an estimated 500 million people which represented fully 3% of the world’s entire population.

Archived KGB files on the Spanish Flu pandemic have always stated that this deadly virus was “bio-engineered” by US military scientists who used as their“guinea pigs” American Soldiers who were the first recorded victims and were stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.

To fully understand the underlying reasons behind the United States and its Western allies push for Total Global War was recently detailed by the top American investigative journalist Greg Hunter whose shocking in depth report titled “Is the World Spinning Out of Control?” revealed that the entire edifice of the Western economic systems is crumbling under the weight of over $100 Trillion in debt no one is able to pay and wherein he warned: “Never in history has the world been this close to total financial chaos and nuclear war at the same time.”

Sadly, but as always, the American people are not being allowed to know the horrific future their elite leaders are planning for them, a situation made even worse this past week when the US Senate passed a new law by a 93-7 vote that is warned will destroy America for all time by giving total control of this once free nation over to its military forces and destroy their Constitution.

As we noted in our previous report, it is worth mentioning again the words of the American Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, who warned his fellow citizens over 200 years ago about what is happening today by saying:

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

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20 thoughts on “China Joins Russia, Orders Military To Prepare For World War III”

  1. History’s record has shown neither China nor Russia want war. Peace is the better alternative not only for people but also for the planet. However, with the worsening economic situation in the West; especially America and the EU, a situation caused by the greed and corruption of their Political leaders and rich citizens BTW; they see war as the redeeming method of resurrecting their fortunes.

    Do the Americans especially realise that they are the ones with most to lose if war starts?

    They are the ones who comprise less than 5% of the world’s population but consumes more than 24% of the world’s resources and yet they are not content with that? Are Americans suicidal? And because they have not yet tasted the agony of defeat, do they think they are invincible?

    War brings nothing but pain and suffering. Even if America wins WW3, they and the world lose because it will transport the world back to the stone age when they start pushing all those buttons to release the nuclear holocaust.

    China and Russia has been bullied by America long enough and the time has come for them not to take any more threats and bullying. I guess they have to say enough is enough and be willing to make a stand.

    If WW3 starts, there can only be one outcome. Either America will stand or fall. There is no certainty that America will win. Why are the leaders of the world’s most powerful nation willing to take the risk?

    Is it because that they have run out of ideas to bring their economy back to health that they think they can now go to war and plunder those in China and Russia?

    This kind of thinking shows the incompetency of the big powers because violence or the threat of violence is the first resort of the incompetent.

    If the people of America and the world allow WW3 to begin, then we all have lost our will to live.

  2. I dislike that you lump all Americans as war mongrels hungry for the next morsel. No human with common sense should want war, the only ones that do are our political leaders, as you stated, and the blindly led soldiers that follow them.
    Our so-called leaders do a good job at dividing us with their Republican/Democratic performances and keeping our attention with our consumerism. Even with all this, I do believe this WWIII will not happen with USA, by that time most people (I hope) will realize what really has been going on, and more are day by day with our protests and whatnot that have been occurring. Once everyone realizes the government has nailed it’s own coffin due to it’s tremendous greed, the breaking point would be reached, and the rest of the world will gawk on as America crumbles from inside.
    I wish we would realize this sooner, but like a crumbling addict we have to reach rock-bottom to change. :/

    And should China take over, their empire will also fall, and thus the cycle continues… never breaking nor ceasing.

  3. Sorry but this article is big BS!!! China nor Russia want war. China makes big money with the US and the rest of the Western world at the moment, why would they want to destroy that? China holds billions of US$ reserves, a war would clearly make this money useless, so why war? China still heavily relies on import of steel, and other materials from Western countries, another reason not to go to war. This article makes political statements and tries to underline them with unconfirmed technical details about biological weapons, what drones would be used, etc. Yet another conspiracy theory.. Author = Fail!!

  4. In replying to Melissa Perez; I am glad to hear that you are one of the Americans who do not like war but what are you doing in ensuring that your political masters do not force war on your country? I am not infering that all Americans are gungho for war but those that do outnumber those who don’t. If you don’t believe it, then check the statistics.

    America owes China big money big time and now there is talk that the debt will not only not be paid but will become impossible to pay back as the debt keeps mounting. Forget not, the money was obtained from the hard labour and sweat of Chinese workers.

    If the Land of the Free and home of the Brave, which always talks about truth, Justice and Honesty as if it owns these very virtues now become a roque debtor and thief, how do you think the rest of the world will think of and deal with America in the future?

    I would like to have your anwer and explanations.

  5. Money isn’t the issue anymore nor the worry, but power and control. China is willing to let it all go to take control of the super power title. Its coming sooner than you could imagine.

  6. The Super-powers will never learn. Trying to curb the rise of China or any other emerging nation is like trying to tramp on the fertile ground to stop mushrooms from pushing out of the soil.

    It is an impossible task. One may stop their rise where the boot rest but they will push their way up around it.

    When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn!!!

  7. i disagree with almost anything anyone has said. we SHOULD be prepared to fight back if need be. and we are not bullying china and Russia. you must also realize that over there you’d probably get thrown in jail and possibly killed for posting anything bad about the government. and the government would NOT test diseases out on its troops. the government prizes brave true Americans willing to stand up and fight for what is right. and we are the land of the free and the home of the brave. we are the most free country on the planet. and we almost never back down. and if this scenario were to play out there are 75+ million Americans able to be drafted. we probably would hod OUR borders keeping us safe. but i doubt it will happen. russiahas learned that communism doesnt work, and soon china will too. but if you ask me north korea needs to be dealt with, they have done so many things that should have sent south korea and the USA over the edge. USA USA USA!!!!!

    Semper Vigilans

  8. Well, what a brave American and true patriot Bob is. “We SHOULD be prepared to fight back”? I thought they are the Americans who are doing all the fighting in the first place.

    America is not bullying China and Russia? I wonder what one calls the building of American controlled Missile sites and military bases around Russia and China and their allies are. So the American military gives itself the right to build these bases right up the asses of the countries above mentioned but as soon as the other side try to do likewise on America’s doorstep, it is labelled aggression. What kind of wonky logic or fair play or as the Americans call the “level playing field” when they are disadvantaged, is?

    With the claim that it has 75+ millions Americans able to take to the field of war, I am wondering why it is now bedevilled with a lack of personnel to man its many far flung bases as reported in the popular press?

    With such military might, why is America even concerned with the rise of China and China’ s modernising its weapons systems and its investment in defence spending? Hmm, something’s not right here.

    America’s the home of the brave and land of the free? Yes, it may have been once but I think Bob should read and study the provisions in the NDAA.

    I think Bob would find that North Korea is not Libya. Gaddafi got rid of his missiles and atomic weapons at the behest of America thinking he will now be safe from invasion found to his demise otherwise. Now Bob wants to invade N. Korea. I doubt the American military has the balls to do what Bob so easily verbalise. It didn’t even have the guts to sail its mighty warships into the Gulf of Hormuz after Iran declared a “No sail zone” for 2 weeks after America said it will defend its free use. What a backdown. I wonder what the rest of the world thinks of American bravado.

    Anyway, with citizens like Bob, I am sure America will be forever kept strong and it would be a pity if its government did not utilise his skills in rousing its troops or have him in a prominent position in its Propaganda Authority.

  9. There’s a great website “nuclear survival by state” that you can google. It shows where FEMA expects China/Russia to strike. Quite eye-opening.

    I think it interesting that Russia is building over 5000 new nuclear shelters to be finished by the end of 2012 in order to protect its population. Conversely, American leaders are doing nothing. Russia and China are preparing for nuclear war and we are not. This is the bottom line. Wake up America, before Isaiah’s prophecies come true and we see people’s eyes melt from their sockets.

  10. @Rob
    If America does not deem it necessary to build nuclear shelters, it is because it has nuclear bunker busting bombs and that it thinks it will always be victorious never believing or even thinking that it can lose in a final war of wars with the world.

    For those Americans who believe in God and one who only blesses America, I cannot reconcile how they can stand aside and watch its military-industrial complex wanting to destroy such a beautiful world and all that is beautiful in it, without even raising a squeak of protest. How it can condone its country’s ratcheting up tension on the Persian Gulf and in the process affecting the upward rise in oil prices which is ruining more the economy not only of itself but also the rest of the world even though the rest of the world is not responsible for such tension.

    They certainly believe in a funny god and his supposed greatest and unique creation, Our World.

  11. Greedy/possessed Freemasons are in power, not the little ones.

    Because of hunger for oil/petrol, this world will be destroyed with nukes very, very soon !

  12. its not Looking good few days ago,Russia says it is prepared to use “destructive force pre-emptively” if the US goes ahead with controversial plans for a missile defence system based in Central Europe.,As for China i have lived n worked there for many years,my wife is even half korean,chinese,all i can say each and every time i go back it is looking more and more like the future,the number of things i can count that are ahead of Usa or europe increases each time ,and freedoms,even the number of freedoms we have decreases and in china,,,would not say they are increasing that fast!,BUT! they are going forward, painfully!,but forward they go,we just seem to lose our freedoms who ppl have fought hard for in the past,the time will come where a person in prc will have more freedoms then someone in the west is sooner then one may think ,at what point do we cross that line ??? its not rocket science to see this.
    they have a protest goverment there shuts the company down,does that happen here ?, a senetor gets caught with his hands in the till,he goes to jail ,does that happen here ?,in the past a ,,extremist would be executed there,more n more it does not happen,even telling em(today news) you can leave china if you want,here they secretly throw you in jail,make you look like your a nut,,,or worse, i prefer to believe what i see with my own two eyes,if the media tells you they are evil,DON’t everything you read in the NEWS!Even Don’t believe what i SAY!even,My Point Is,find out for yourselves with your own Two Eyes ,Then decided it.

  13. You can have all the fucking wars you like but FUCK WAR! FUCK WAR! FUCK WAR!

  14. God Bless Rob For Sticking Up For your Country.
    But as For Richard…. The U.S. Is not Bullieng other countries We have missel sites by them so we can keep an eye on things should a country declare war on the U.S. And We Do Allow Other countries to build military sites on our soil. And if i rember correctly the U.S. was one of the last countries to enter either W.W. The Vietnam War was an attempt to stop the spread of communism toward our allies over there. The gulf war over in Iraq was an attept (and a successful one i mite add) to kill the leader of Al-qida. Perhaps youve herd the name Osama Bin-laden Before. He was the mad man that killed 3000+ american citizens just for them being americans. He also Led Several Attacks against countries such as Russia AND China. The two countries were verry thankeful for that. Now if your saying that they still wanna go to war with us or us with them then your dead wrong. because last time i checked we were on pretty good terms with BOTH of them. No I dont Want to go to war. Its A Terribale Thing and should be avoided at all costs. But in America WE will NOT Just Sit Back and Let Countries Attack us Like 9/11 or Peral harbor. Those would propel any country to war. And When We see People Being Tortured in Africa And little kids being shot and women raped You can bet your cheesy puffs, gaming chair, your mamas Basement and mountin DEW That we will send in our military to help the innocent and punish the guilty. WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!!!!!
    God Bless America

  15. Everyone on here should watch “The world without US, and The Listening Project”! The first discusses what happens if we bring our troops home and leaves the world alone. It’s not good. They do interviews with gov and citizens of the countries we occupy now and the all insist they want and NEED us there. The second shows in views from around the world on their first thought when they hear the word America. Almost everyone says they NEED us, love us, and fear a world without us. I don’t like war either, but like most of the gov and citizen interviews in these two documentaries…If Not America Then Who??? Who is going to keep the Saddams from invading oil rich companies with no defenses like those in the Middle East, etc…EVERY country in the world looks to us when a conflict arroises to see what we’re going to do then follows our lead. Without us the world would already be in WW3. Israel would have already been nuked, The Balkans would still be at war IF anyone was left after all the ethnic cleansing by Milosavich, Iraq would own 40% of the worlds oil supply if there never was a Desert Storm cause his next move was Saudi Arabia which I must add requested OUR HELP SPECIFICALLY. We’re not in the Middle East to get oil for ourselves as even those nations admit the U.S. pays the same amount for oil as everyone else. We don’t get discounts for being there. I wish we COULD bring our armies home for good, but its just not possible. China would’ve already attacked Japan for they still believe Japan should still be appologizing to them. Words straight from China’s mouth. Japan has virtually no military anymore. They to rely specifically on us to keep them safe. Fact is the world NEEDS us or there would be no world. It would seriously regret it if we ever did come back home and seperate ourselves from the world. We are a necessary evil unfortunately. We spend more money and time helping the rest of the world while we have homeless, jobless, hungry people here that need help first. We stupidly sacrifice our own citizens well being to help out the rest of the world cause fact is NOBODY ELSE WILL!!!


  16. @Bob
    Japan has no military? Says who? It is obvious that he does not watch TV or use the internet. Log into Youtube and enter the words Japan’s Navy or Military and Japan’s stockpile of Polonium for Atomic weapon manufacture.

    There are those who hears but refuse to listen.

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