Iran threatens Israel: “Destruction in 11 days”

German NTV reports on the latest developments in the Iran-Israel tensions: “Destruction in 11 days”. According to NTV, “Iran has made its first ever announcement of a concrete objective of the destruction of Israel”.

The Israeli TV has aired an interview with the iranian leader Attalah Salihi. The leader announced the “destruction of Israel in 11 days”.

What appears to be unclear from the report is how or why such developments would occur in 11 days? Are we witnessing empty threats or revelations of strategic preparations of war? Or is it Israeli propaganda to justify a strike on Iran?

Time will tell…

Update: We have received many emails asking us who Salihi is. From Wikipedia: “Major General Ataollah Salehi is the current commander-in-chief of the Iranian Army since 2005. He has graduated before the Islamic Revolution from Iranian Army’s military academy in 1971 with the rank of Artillery Second Lieutenant of Army’s Ground Forces. He has the direct operational command authority over the commanders of Iranian Army’s Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy.”

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