US Martial Law around the corner?

Paterson, NJ, Is Considering Martial Law

There is a breaking news story today that Paterson, NJ, is considering martial law by implementing an adult curfew at night in an attempt to curb violence. We went to Paterson, NJ, today and exclusively interviewed its City Council President about the proposal and asked people on the street what they thought.

We believe this is only a sign of things to come. When hyperinflation spirals out of control in the U.S., we could see nationwide martial law.

Curfews might not be just for kids anymore in one northern New Jersey city.

Seeking to curb violence after a spate of deadly summer shootings, Paterson officials are considering an unusual ordinance that would prevent people of all ages from gathering outside in public late at night.

The measure could be the nation’s first citywide, non-emergency curfew to include adults, several experts said.


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