World War III is imminent, who can solve the problem?

World War IIICan religion solve the huge global problems of humanity and the earth?

Throughout the ages, society has challenged conventional belief systems to spur personal thought as well as public dialogue and debate. With today’s challenges it becomes urgently necessary to profoundly rethink our beliefs and conventional ways of being.

The time is ripe to face the ultimate challenge – and begin to question the very core beliefs that humans around the globe blindly follow. unveils the 2,000 year-old lies of Christianity and covers such topics as “brainwashing” and “the unholy Bible.”

The critical questions evolve around the following scenarios:

  • What would humanity expect from the reincarnated Christ of Nazareth in the 21st century, regarding the problems of a global magnitude (wars, climate change, the colossal financial crisis, poverty, misery and suffering, etc.)?
  • Can we understand the incarnation of mankind on earth as a project of God, with the ultimate aim of a holistic fulfillment of love, joy of life, Spirit and realization of one’s inner talents and constructive potentials?
  • Does the breaking point in which humanity reaches a level when it self-destructs through nuclear wars and environmental irresponsibility, demand a new evolutionary understanding of our being?
  • Who will save the world from total destruction when World War III breaks out?

These questions are the first step towards a robust and open dialogue that can ultimately lead the path to a fulfilling future.

The ultimate question is simple: What is the truth? And how can the truth be proven and explained in a comprehensible manner? The answers lie in the

Is humanity ready for the unfolding truth?

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6 thoughts on “World War III is imminent, who can solve the problem?”

  1. NO, NO, NO… Religion cannot solve anything. It is the root cause of misunderstanding amongst the global population. Religion causes suffering and false belief. If one wants to believe in ones chosen God, Prophet, Faith, Denomination, Doctrine etc…then keep it at home. This is a time for man to look deep in his soul and conscience, a time to reflect on the faults and misdeeds of his forefathers. Think and behave as responsible spawners of life instead of destroyers of life. Leave religion and all of its endless indifferences alone. Peace will only prevail if mankind summons the courage to disassociate himself from religion, there is a much stronger faith that any so called `God´ could ever preach, that is the faith in humanity. Religion does not and cannot solve war, how could it?, when it is the only reason and provocator war and destruction.? it does not solve war

  2. I agree 100% with the two people above. Religion is the Root of all Evil and has been the same since the Roman’s ruled.
    I’m not just talking about the middle east, I’m also talking about America, for example…God bless America, Give me a break!!
    You should all grow-up and stop using Religion as an excuse to goto war.
    At the end of the day we are all Human, so I suggest you should start behaving like one!

  3. Religion, the word, means “to link back”. The past was a dark time of superstition and lawlessness. These religious memeplexes infected us at a time when we did not have science or humanism and were vulnerable. There is no excuse now to raise a child with religious indoctrination.

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